Mikilinux Pi is a Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi  3, freely downloadable and copyable on microSD.
My name is Michele, I’m an italian Computer Engineer, and so in a sense “geek”, I like very much ready-to-use things, ready and aimed at a particular purpose.
When I bought my Raspberry Pi 2, my room was literally messed up by wires. A download and file sharing station without mouse, keyboard, monitor was pure utopia. My idea was to create an almost invisible box, for totally autonomous downloading, controlled by phone or computer, connected to the power charget and internet only.
I finally got what I wanted and by properly configuring VNC and Samba, the small Raspi began to have a purpose in life.
I installed a lot of things, VNC, Samba, Transmission, I changed a lot of things, and here it is.
In short, the usage is very simple. follow the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.